Sunday, January 31, 2016

First Time a Conference!

I presented for the first time ever at a conference!  I was beyond nervous as this is completely out of my comfort zone. This is the same girl who in her freshmen year English class did a speech in under a minute and did not care what the consequences were. I despise public speaking.  Even to this day, it is not something I leap for joy when I have to do it. However, I'm slowly getting over my fear because now when I present it's a topic that I am very passionate about. Hence, presenting at the Northern Illinois Computing Educator's Mini Conference (NICE).

When I was working on my presentation for this conference I honestly thought I might have two people. I knew I was going to have at least one person as my Assistant Principal swore she would come! So part of me thought, "well the two of us can talk about reading! And if she doesn't come I brought a book to read!"  I am always thinking ahead like that!

Well, I checked the schedule and 22 people were signed up!  I was a little nervous to say the least but also excited.  I'm proud to say I had a decent number of people (I don't think I had 22 though). The presentation went really well.  I got a bunch of thank you's as people were walking out, and several people said that they got a lot out of it. I had to stop myself from chasing them down the hallway to ask for specifics.  

I guess that's a question I have for anyone who has presented before.  Do you have your participants fill out a survey to ask for feedback? I know there are some adjustments I need to make, and slides I need to pull and/or tweak.  But I really want to know what they thought.  What have you done before? What's the best way to elicit feedback when presenting? Please comment and let me know! Here's a link to my presentation as well: Using Technology to Engage Readers and Writers.