Friday, March 4, 2016

#SOL16 The Great Hunger Strike

Each day in March I will be participating in the Slice of Life Writing Challenge. I got this amazing idea from Two Writing Teachers. 

My day began at 2:50 this morning with the cries of a hungry, angry toddler! 

We are currently experiencing a toddler hunger strike.  She used to love avocados. Now if I even show her one, I get a glare and a look as if I was trying to poison her. Same with yogurt. Same with meatballs. Same with many other foods. 

Her neonatologist warned us that this may happen, and we kind of brushed it off.  Gracie has a healthy appetite, she's so good at trying new foods, and she eats just about anything we give her were thoughts we frequently shared.  Well, now we are experiencing the great hunger strike.  

So for now, we are providing a variety of foods and try not to stress when she doesn't eat much at dinner.  But it's so nerve racking for this first-time momma!  I'm trying to remind myself that every stage has struggles but also has so many wonderful moments such as running Gracie hugs!  The smile when I pick her up from the sitter and many more.  I just worry if I'm doing right by my baby girl, and of course, in my brain I know I am!  But if anyone has any suggestions or magic toddler food please let me know! 


  1. It is funny how they change! My daughter loved avocados and bananas. Then she stopped. They never stop changing! She is making herself a strawberry shake right now out of frozen strawberries and milk. I have no magic foods. For awhile it seemed she only lived on chocolate milk!

    1. Glad I'm not alone! Chocolate milk is another popular choice and sometimes the only choice. I know looking back this stage will seem short, but right now it's long!

  2. And the changes will keep teenager won't touch many of the foods he ate as a baby! I've been told, though, that sometimes love will make them try new things (i.e. if the girlfriend makes it...). Still waiting for that to happen, ha!

  3. I remember the strike. Twos are tough. No two ways about it. I think you are doing a great job by being patient and reassuring yourself that you are a good mommy. This is a phase, you are right. It will pass.

  4. I am frustrated that I can't remember back this far with my boys! (21, 25, 27) I'm sure this is normal. Sounds to me like you might be raising a gourmet! I know with the preschoolers I teach, the more I let them cook or make food, the more they eat. What if you let your child spread cream cheese on bread or some such?

  5. So hard but it sounds like you are handling the strike well. I have two daughters; one has never monitored her food and the other is obsessive about her daughters eating. That makes me a little crazy. I believe they'll eat when hungry. Good luck with the twos and hopefully the terrible threes won't happen.